Getting the work/life balance on an even keel can be difficult.

Whether its for your career, or if you’re in the start-up phase of a new business venture and you’re super keen, eager, have huge goals and short deadlines.

I know all too well what its like to launch a new business and immerse yourself into the project with every waking second that you have, only to discover a few months down the line that there are two young children, a dog, and a strange lady still living in your house.

(Yes, that’s my family that I have been neglecting, and thankfully they’ve stuck around!)

Busy lives are tough for families!

The following 5 tips will help you to spend more quality time with your family whilst still crushing it with your business….

1 – Device Free Homes Encourage Active Listening

Our house is a phone free zone between the hours of 5pm and 9pm.

This allows us 4 hours distraction free from social media, emails, texts, phones calls etc. and fully enjoy being together as a Family.

This 4 hour time frame allows us to have dinner together as a Family, put the kiddies to bed, and have a chat with my better half to hear about the days events, before I carry on taking over the World on my laptop.

Besides, we all know how it feels to be talking to someone whilst they are staring down at their iPhone.

It doesn’t exactly inspire you to want to carry on saying what you’re saying if you don’t have their undivided attention does it?

So set a clear time frame for some device free time, and allow yourself to fully listen to your children and spouse and spend that tiny portion of the day not staring down at a screen. You’ll feel all the better for it.


2 – Include Your Family – Share The Experience

Encouraging your family to help you in your venture is a sure way to NOT make them feel like you’re dis-owning them, and to allow them to share in the experience with you.

My eldest son is 3, so he can’t read or write yet. But this doesn’t stop me getting the pens and paper out and encouraging him to draw me a new graphic for my blog whilst I’m typing away. He loves it.

Or asking my partner to proof read my blog posts and important emails so that she’s contributing to what I’m doing, and also keeping up to date with whats current in my venture.

Having Lydia proof read my posts also allows her to give me her 2 cents worth and add value to our content (after all, she’s the brains in the family) < Yep! She edited that in.


3 – Work Remotely

If you’re job or industry allows, you could request to work from home for 2 or 3 days per week, possibly even more days in the future if you can prove that its beneficial.

More and more companies are waking up to the fact that some employees are far more effective and efficient when working from a space that they are more comfortable in. So speak with your manager or employer and see if this is a possibility.

So long as you succeed in getting the work done, you’ll be more time flexible in the day to do things like the school run, or go for lunch with your partner.

Also fitting your hobby into your day will get the endorphins flowing, so you’ll be much for pleasant to be around and not feel like all you do is work.

You could even find an Air BnB with a decent internet connection and go for a quick road trip with the family.

A fresh environment works wonders for productivity, and your family time.


4 – Become A  Night Owl

If you’re full time in your venture, or even starting a business as a side gig alongside a full time job (thats currently my situation), spend the quality time with your family whilst they are awake, and then start working on your biz around 8pm.

My currently work schedule it this:

8am start work

4:30pm home from work – play with the kids, have dinner, do the kids bedtime.

8pm chat to Lyds for half an hour

8:30 > However long I can stay awake for – Working on my blog and my own mindset/education.

I usually end up falling asleep around midnight, which means I have 3.5 hours of un-interrupted work time. And because I know that this is a short time frame, it encourages me to work far more efficiently and productively.

This way I get to see and spend time with the boys before they go to bed, and I manage to get my work done too.

Its really tiring doing this, but I would have only spent that time watching the TV with Lydia, and its going to  pay off in the long term when I no longer have to go to the day job that I so badly detest!


5 – Very Important – Have More Fun!!

It SO easy to get bogged down with work commitments and all the other bullshit that life throws at us.

Its imperative to step back and remember the reason WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Let’s face it – No body ever started a business because its boring and they wanted to resent it.

And the same token applies to starting and raising a Family. I bet you didn’t have kids to ignore them and let your partner raise them single handily, occasionally dipping in and out of their lives?

So set Family fun times at the weekends. Pre-arrange a play date with all of you together.

Its currently Sunday, and this morning we’ve taken both our boys to the swimming pool, followed by a trip to the skate park. This is literally the most fun that our boys could have in one morning, they love it! And it was quality time spent bonding as a Family.

And because we’ve done this, they’re happy, and I don’t feel at all guilty to have a productive afternoon working on my vision plan.



What other ways do you like to make sure that your Family don’t feel left out or isolated from you if you have a business work schedule?

What other ways do you manage a healthy work/life balance?

I’d love to know how you manage this, and so would my other fellow readers, so post your strategies in the comments section below…..

Getting the work/life balance on an even keel can be difficult.
These 5 tips will help you to spend more quality time with your family whilst still crushing it with your business.