I have just 6 Months to get my shit together.

In 6 months time, my blog MUST be generating enough income to at least replace my current wage. It has to – I have no other option because I’ve quit my job.

I have a 6-month project to finish where I currently work and then I’m done.

I’m breaking free of everything that keeps me feeling comfortable, and into a place of discomfort and uncertainty.

The added pressure is my family depends on me.

I have two young children and my partner to feed, a dog, a house, and two cars to run. (I’m sure you can relate to my situation.)

It all costs money, right? It certainly traps us into a place that is difficult to maneuver out of.

So this post will explain EXACTLY how I plan to leave my secure job in exchange for running a blog on the interwebs…..



A quick back story to set the record straight:

  • I'm accustomed to making money online. It's not my first rodeo. I owned an e-commerce business that did pretty well ($30k+ per month) in 2016.  I screwed up the cash flow and lost a lot of money. Ultimately, this silly mistake lost me the business and all my savings - rookie error!
  • I have a brief background in digital marketing, so I know some stuff about generating sales online, driving traffic to offers and websites, and building and launching blogs and websites.
  • I'm currently penniless due to my past business failure. I'm living from pay-check to pay-check each month which means I'm starting from scratch!
  • I've had enough!!! I've tasted the good life of living on my own terms, and after being forced back to a 9-5 working on a building site just isn't cutting it for me anymore - I want more from life and I've chosen to work to get it back.
  • This post is going to outline my overall goals and mission statement, and break down exactly how I'm going to get my blog generating an income before I leave my job in just 6 months time.

The purpose of this post is to both inform you of how I'm currently generating an income from this blog, and how I plan to scale the income to match my current wage from my job and then beyond...

Here we go...


Decide What You Want

I didn't make the decision to quit my job lightly.

It certainly wasn't an 'off the cuff' choice that I'd made overnight.

I just know with such clarity that the current life that I'm living, isn't the life that I had intended for myself when I was a kid.

Some of my family members have told me that I'm irresponsible because I have children to feed, and others have been so pumped for me that it's inspiring them to do something similar, and this is what lights me up!

All I know is that I DO NOT want to be a builders labourer for the rest of my life and to constantly struggle with a lack of time and money.

Whilst I'm on the topic of my kids - I don't want them to ever grow up with a limited mindset and feel that they ever have to just settle for other peoples opinions and beliefs.

I don't want them to think that only options available to them are the ones that are most common in our modern day society. I want them to follow their own path too, and to go after what they truly want.

If they want something, I want to show them that they have to work their cute little butts off and go get it.


So if this is what I DON'T want.

What DO I want?

I want more purpose.
I want fulfillment.
I want to inspire others and be of service to my readers.
I want to be making 6 figures whilst having full control over my workload.
I want to do more of what I love.
I want to have more and better quality time with my family.
I want to travel more and not be restricted by job location.
This is absolutely possible.

I know it is because I've had it before.

And I'm going to achieve all of this through running this blog.

It's an exciting time that we live in today, and there are an abundance of options available to us all that we should take full advantage of. The internet has opened up a World of opportunity and we should grasp it with both hands.


How Will I Make Money?

This blog is already making money.

It's still very much in its infancy, and I haven't launched any products of my own yet, but regardless of this minor detail, the blog is still profitable.

Cool, huh!?

The finances aren't anything to sing and dance about just yet though, but its a start.

In January, the blog generated two affiliate sales with a combined value of $193.80.

(Affiliate sale - I recommended products to my readers and earned a commission on the sale when they made the purchase)

Here is a screenshot from the emails I received when I was notified of the commission earned.

Affiliate marketing is a GREAT way to start generating an income online. However, I don't intend to make most of my income through affiliate sales.

If you would like to know more about how I generated these sales, started this blog, and how I get tons of readers to this site every day, check out my FREE 4-day blogging course below.

(p.s I don't try and sell you anything, it's just pure blogging advice and value):

I Have Big Goals, And You Should Too!

This year, I'm going to be creating my own digital courses.

There - I said it!

I intend on creating a course for personal development. Helping people with goal setting, productivity and income generating.

These 3 topics are my absolute passion and I've got a boatload to share with the World.

This will also be my main income stream.

If these courses go to plan and launch successfully, I'll also be creating a course on how to launch your own course too.

So watch this space.

I'd highly recommend following my journey if you are in need of some entrepreneurial inspiration because I'll be moving fast on my goals.

You'll certainly learn a thing or two (either from my wins, or my fails) along the way.

I'll also add you to my Motivation Monday email list that is super popular with my current, and rapidly growing subscribers list:


Watch this space. It's going to be a good year for us both!

How To Set Goals That Will Put You 5 Years Ahead In Life. How I will make money from my blog in just 6 months to leave my job and work from home. #success #blogging