So you want to increase the traffic to your Blog??

Good! You’re in the right place….

I’m sure you’ve experienced that frustrating feeling, when you’ve poured your heart and soul into an EPIC new blog post.

You hit publish – BOOM, let the magic begin!!

And then…

Crickets. Tumble weed. Silence.

“Hellooooooo?? Guys?? Where is everyone?”

No one showed up to the party!

So how the hell do you get people to visit this piece of artistry that you’ve just spent that past 3 days writing?

Allow me to show you 12 hacks that’ll boot the tumble weed off the dusty track, and bring hordes of mouth foamy readers in its place.

The one thing all bloggers have in common is that we all want more traffic, more readers, more fans.  Don't we?

GREAT! Then we're on the same page!

So in this post, I'll be sharing the 12 things that you should do to every blog post either before or after you hit the publish button. (6 before. 6 after)

Now, I know what you might be thinking... 

But I've just spent 9 hours writing the bloody blog post, I can't be arsed to do anymore, I'm off to the pub, or bed, or both!....

12 things may sound like a lot, but trust me, they're worth it, and most of them only take a few minutes and they'll have a HUGE impact on the success of said blog post, so it'll be worth the little extra. Especially if it really did take you 9 hours to write the darn thing, you'll want as many eyes on it as possible.

Right, Lets do it......

p.s. Make sure you implement these and don't just read 'em. You'll be glad you did!


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Right, Lets really do it......

6 Things You Must Do To EVERY Blog Post BEFOREYou Hit 'Publish'

1 -  SEO the hell out of your post

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has never really been my forte. Thankfully there's a plugin for that!

Its called Yoast SEO.  Get it!(If you haven't already)

The plugin makes it very simple to create great SEO.  Yoast will make suggestions on how to better your content, titles and keywords for SEO purposes.

Better SEO = higher search engine rank = more readers. 

Here's an example of how this Plugin works:

Here's a before (at this very stage of writing this blog post) and an after screenshot (just about to hit publish) showing the differences in my SEO and readability score of this actual post. The results are shown after implementing the suggestions made by Yoast SEO. 

2 - Write an Irresistible Post Title.

Having awesome content is clearly the goal, but if you have crap titles, unfortunately no-one will want to click through and actually read it.

Which do you prefer out of these two:

  1. "How To Lose Weight"
  2. "10 Foods That Burn Belly Fat in 7 days"

Both titles are about losing weight. One of them is a general, sweeping kinda statement which it's fine, but a bit weak.

Whereas the other tells you exactly what you should expect to see without giving you the answers, and arouses enough curiosity to want to click through and be enlightened.

Better still - if you can incorporate your main keywords into you title, then you're winning!

3 - Link To Past Posts.

But thats just keeping people on my Blog isn't it? Thats not actively getting more traffic?

Technically, Yes.

But keeping people engaged in your other posts from the past is far more likely to build a greater level of trust and relationship with your reader, meaning they're far more likely to come back for more. ESPECIALLY if you manage to keep them on your site long enough to collect their email address. (more on this in just a sec)

Notice in the number 1 pointer how I've linked to a previous post that I've written about the Yoast SEO plugin? Its all about engagement baby! The longer your readers stay on your site, the better!

4 - Sort It Out.

Think back to school when your school teacher taught you how to scripture a perfectly written story in neatly formatted paragraphs.

Yeah, you can forget all of that 'cos blogging is different! See how I wrote 'cos?... I'd be getting a F for that!!

Blogging is usuallydifferent to other forms of writing. It's less formal and more 'friendly'. I use the word 'friendly' because thats the approach a lot of successful bloggers take. They write their content as if they're writing it to a family member or freind.

Your readers will more than likely scan the first few lines before they make a judgement as to whether they'll read your post or not. So don't scare them  off with huge paragraphs that are difficult to read.

You could break up your paragraphs with larger text headers, and write no more than 5-6 lines per paragraph.

5 - Categorise.

Putting posts into categories.

This allows your content to be much easier to find, and your site to be far more user friendly.

Categorising your posts allows you readers to select a certain topic of blog post, and search through.

e.g The category for this post is Blogging, for obvious reason. But other categories that I have on this blog are Self Development, Quotes, Productivity etc etc.

6 - Proofread

The odd typo here and there is forgivable. I don't know about you, but when I get into a good flow when writing about a topic that I'm passionate about, I can get quite ecstatic and carried away with the ol' keyboard, only discover that it was almost entirely illegible from typing too fast from excitement.


  1. Either chill the hell out when writing (booo!!)
  2. Proofread, and editafter your crazy writing frenzy (much better option)

I once heard another blogger say - "Write drunk, edit sober".You just need to remember the sober part of that arrangement...... hmmm?

And if you're drunk the next day, get someone else who is less intoxicated to do your proof reading for you.

6 Things You Must Do To EVERY Blog Post AFTER You Hit 'Publish'

1 -  Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!!

I can't say it enough... PINTEREST!!

I personally had great success driving more traffic to my blog using Pinterest. How? Create high quality 'pins' on Pinterest that drive traffic to this site. But you probably already know that because you're here reading this, from Pinterest, right?

I use a free tool called Canva, to create images that resonate with the content of my blog posts, and organise them in a way thats both appealing to click through to, and professional looking so it looks like I know what the hell I'm doing.

The best way to get traffic from Pinterest is by creating a Pinterest Board that is specific to your blogs niche, or doing group boards that are the same.

Theres much to talk about with regards to Pinterest, so I highly recommend that you scroll up a little, and sign up for me Free blogging course. I cover Pinterest strategies in there 🙂

2 -  Facebook it.

I only typed Facebook once?

Yeaa... I'm not so passionate about Facebook as I am Pinterest.

Facebook is awesome if used properly! Just not as good as Pinterest.

However, if you have your own Facebook Group that you have created for your blog then you're winning. That's you own Facebook GROUP, not Facebook page.

Please feel free to join The ManSet World Facebook group here:

Post your latest content into your Facebook group and ask your followers to share away.

Facebook groups are awesome. They require a lot of work but the retention levels of your readers and engagement in you blog is awesome. Its a bit like owning your subscribers list, but your subscribers can interact with one another , and if you have created a high quality following this will work wonders for you.

Social proof is invaluable for bloggers. Its all fair and well telling people how awesome you are, but imaging how much more powerful it is coming from someone else. Plus you can save a lot of time by answering questions in bulk under the posts in your group instead of individual emails.

3 -  Email Your List.

So, much like your Facebook Group if you have one, you should let your biggest fans know that you've just created another piece of awesomeness and tell 'em that they should go check it out. This is probably the best way to increase the traffic to your blog post right away.

If you haven't started list yet, then you should.

Again, I'll go into more details about this in another post as this is a whole topic in itself, and I'll edit this post to link to that post right here 🙂

4 - Reply To Comments

If you're lucky enough to have resonated with, or disgruntled someone enough for them to feel compelled to leave a comment, get back to them!

Take the time to respond to your readers feedback , both positive and negative, because the better relationship that yo form with your readers, the likely they are to come back!

You never know, your readers may also have some awesome suggestions or ideas, and after all its them that you're trying to serve in the first place.

5 - Analysis

Keeping a close eye on the number of people visiting your blog is pretty important.

Although it may not be the sexiest task, you'll want to see how well your audience is responding to certain topics, and then focus either more, or less on writing about these.

Key patterns to look out for are:

  • the amount of page views each post are getting as this will tell you how popular this subject is
  • how many comments are being left only our posts which is telling of how engaged your readers are
  • and the bounce rate, which will tell you if your readers are clicking on your post and sticking around or not. If you have high bounce rate, maybe your opening paragraph or post title needs some work.

The tool I would recommend to do this is a WordPress Plugin called Jetpack.

6 - Re-Pin, Re-Tweet, Re-Post

Its a shame to let the flame burn out on your posts and just stick 'em in the archives only to be discovered by a small handful of readers from time to time.

Part of my Pinterest strategy is to carry on pinning and linking to my archived posts months after I hit publish. This allows my blog to get a steady flow of traffic and the occasional spike if my images get re-pinned by other Pinterest users. This is called 'looping'.

I'm not a huge Twitter user, but you can apply the concept of looping to Twitter also.

Increase The Traffic To Your Blog With These 12 Simple Hacks - I'll walk you through 12 tasks that you should do with EVERY blog post before and after you hit the publish button.